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How content marketing builds your business

Content marketing may seem an entirely new concept in building businesses, as it was used in traditional businesses partially without recognition. The term holds true in both the ways – one about marketing the content and another using content to market a product or service. How do you achieve them both without having to go through pains of sales, marketing, financing, etc.?

Content marketing is not an alien topic, as all the aforementioned processes have to deal with content. Whether it is a hilarious video commercial or a quirky image in your inbox with uproarious tagline, the content exists. In other words, content is an integral part of building business.

Informative and promotional

Content marketing is different from copywriting. The former is about marketing your content or information that is either in the form of white paper, blog, article, report, etc. The latter is about promoting that content or information through business emails and effective call to action strategies.

Cake with icing or without

Web content writing is similar to preparing a cake and topping it with icing. Useful content is like a cake for which customers visit your site; delicious cakes sell more, stale ones push them away. If your cake has icing over it and tasty tidbits that ring bells in the minds, you ensure that they come back for more.

Bitter pills or tasty cookies

What would you prefer – a bitter medicine that shakes you all up or an equally potent and tasty cookie that coerces you into following a strict medical regimen and treats you too? Merely capturing the interest without providing useful information creates entertainment not conversions. Customers want easy solutions to solve problems, not highly technical content that leaves them puzzled.

Selling without sounding like a salesman

Search engine optimized – SEO friendly content sells without seeming as a hardcore sales tactic. Content effectiveness is about reaching as many individuals with a single piece of information, and not of testing your verbal strategy on every individual. When it comes to digital content marketing you have only once chance to create million impressions; you either win it or lose.

Doors missing

Providing required information and keeping the readers interested, but missing on leading the customer to the doors of conversion will only confuse them. Include a clear and effective call to action line at the bottom of your mail to make your efforts fruitful.

Harness social media horses

Social media is way too powerful means to reach out to the world. Leaving them astray will not take you anywhere; harness them to chariot using content marketing strategy and lead towards your goal. Speak to your horse (social media – Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr) in the language it understands, as every horse is different and takes you to a different world or target audience. Communicate regularly with customers and build better relations.

Testimonials speak when you don’t

Sharing your content freely with some readers in exchange for their testimonials creates a seal of approval for your works. If you get more positive comments, you are just an inch away from the goldmine of customers.


Basic responsive web design patterns for devices

Responsive web design Guidelines for Devices

Responsive web design is no doubt the current trend observed in web designing. Accessing online resources through varied devices and platforms has pushed the Website design and development services to find different ways to improve user experience. Distributing the website content in layouts of different sizes and patterns, and customizing the look and feel of a website as per the needs of customers has become a norm for most web designers.

A normal user may just explore website content simultaneously checking the nimbleness of the device. The user may identify certain lags, but will definitely fail to absorb finer details which enhanced the usability of the device. Nevertheless, web designing is about designing something which is not obvious and strikes an expression of wonder in the user’s eyes!

Web designers use million ideas to give different browsing experience for users. But all of them are variants of these basic web designing layout patterns.

Mostly fluid

Mostly fluid

In mostly fluid pattern, the grids which may consist of images and content do not vary much across platforms. Mobile app development firms use this pattern for smartphones in which grids appear as stacked columns, with landing page image or content occupying the top position. But in devices such as tablets, laptops, and desktops with bigger screen sizes, the subsections are added below the main grid, which distribute themselves sideways, from left to right. You may also see wide margins in case of laptops and desktops.

Column drop

Column drop

The column drop pattern may not hold much difference in grid pattern compared to mostly fluid type in smartphone displays. Even tablets may also feature similar pattern. But in slightly bigger screens such as laptops and desktops subsections may distribute themselves sideways towards the right, with menu bars to the left.

Layout shifter

Layout shifter

Basic pattern in layout shifter is very useful in case your website has a menu bar and you want it tucked in a convenient location, either top or left. Smartphone and tablets may follow similar stacking pattern, but in the latter the subsection grids may slightly scale high. In larger screens, menu bars shift to the left side and margins increase.

Tiny tweaks

Tiny tweaks

For companies having websites with simple landing page customizing involves just little tweaks. Such pages can be easily made to scale themselves in case of small screens such as smartphones.

Off canvas

Off canvas

This is very a convenient pattern for social media platforms where menus can be condensed in the top left button or on top. Navigation options can be accessed at the left edge of the screen. A subsection which may consist of sections such as friends list can be accessed by moving the cursor to the right edge of the screen.
Whether it is a web hosting or an e-commerce solutions firm, responsive web design is the element which should be included to reach customers and clients across platforms. If you think your website does not look good on a smartphone or tablet, and want to enhance the user experience, custom website development services may be the solution.

Brand Reputation – gamble at own risk

Online brand reputation management is the need of the hour with more firms realizing the importance of their online presence. More people are active online using their smartphones to make purchases, browse products and services, and provide valuable feedback to help other customers judge the firms. Reputation, whether positive or negative, is sure to go viral resulting in enhanced growth or fast exit of companies.

Why brand reputation management a Gamble ?

Every move counts, whether you have resolved your customers’ issue effectively or brushed aside the issue with contempt! You might have promised big things to the customer, but delivered a poor quality product and service, or no service at all as the sale was over. Some of these branding facts may help you understand the urgency of the situation.

Are you building trust?

As per Nielsen’s 2014 Global Reputation Study, a new population of tech savvy individuals is active online which assesses the reputation of firms before making a purchase. This is a huge percentage of individuals that can create a great impression about a brand’s web reputation. Having a brand name is not enough, you need to keep track of what your company believes in, it says, and does.

Digital presence for brand identity

Every move, whether it is a communication through email, white paper, or a social media campaign, creates an impression about your company. Now the question for every entrepreneur or a business is whether your online presence and web reputation contributes towards brand marketing? You cannot escape from the fact that customers are watching you round the clock and getting a picture of your brand identity.

Branding across barriers

Many B2B companies had ignored brand reputation management till now, but it is time to rethink about the strategy. Because more companies are fast realizing its importance and working towards brand building and brand awareness. The more clearly and responsibly firms define themselves, their products and services, higher will be the impact on the customers’ mind.

The keys to brand success are self-definition, transparency, authenticity, and accountability.
Simon Mainwaring

Bad reputation leads to exit

Many firms want people to identify their brands either because they are trying for vertical integration or recovering from hitherto ignored public relations. In the latter case even though a firm may become successful in creating a fake image with the clients, but not walking the talk permanently damages its reputation.

A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.
Seth Godin

Brand an old concept

If you think a brand is a recently developed concept, just think about your favorite cookies of childhood days. Unless that product has failed on quality, stopped making profit for the business, or sidelined by a better product you will still love them; a brand loyalty!
Brand marketing is all about you, your product, service, words, and company. Build your reputation and reap the benefits for years.

6 Top ways to Know How to Spot SEO Spams


Know How to Spot SEO Spams

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most commonly heard term in business circles along with SEO spams. The need to get SEO sites has also induced spammers to send a flurry of spam mails offering <ahref=”” target=”_blank”>best SEO services. Spam emails are no doubt a nuisance to businesses, but they also expose a website’s vulnerability.

With hackers targeting websites and unsuspecting individuals it is not uncommon to see spammy mails in your inbox. But how to locate spam mails and prevent frustrating popups and mails, or phishing? Here are some tips to identify SEO spams.

Fury of junk mails

Getting mails claiming to improve your website ranking in Google through best search engine optimization (SEO) strategies? Spammers harvest your email IDs through automated spambots to send junk mails. Even if you block spammer email IDs, they get new ones taking advantage of multiple email ID options in Google, Yahoo, etc.

Company name and ID missing

Sending a business mail mentioning the company name and address, and forwarding the same through company email ID is formal. It is because the mails with relevant information give credibility to business communications. Responding to mails lacking such information exposes you to spam and phishing.

Interesting company address

If the mail contains company address, Google it to check where is it located. Most of the times, you will never find a company with that address. You can also check information such as number, street address, etc. Location numbers such as 1234 or imaginary streets qualify for a place in spam folder.

Showing sky-high dreams

A spammy business mail may boast of using best SEO techniques to help you achieve success and money! Don’t dare to ride such dream clouds because very soon you’ll find that you have travelled too far with no sight of the ground beneath. Unless they define the website analysis and project improvement in real numbers they deserve nothing but doubtful glance.

Language failure a great hint

Spammers may claim to provide SEO internet marketing services from a best SEO company, but the language may not reflect the claim, failing on all grounds. Wouldn’t a company bother to check its mails for language issues, grammar, and typos before pitching them to clients? If no, do you think they can really handle your website content!

Persistent malware

Is your site showing many hyperlinks leading to some spam sites, or opening numerous ads? Probably you have yielded to a spammy offer asking you to install a software (instead a malware) to protect your system. Specifically designed to disturb your system, a malware can hijack your operating system, thus making your browsers behave erratically.
Avoiding these mistakes can save you from falling prey to spam scams. You can take the assistance of trustworthy firms providing best professional SEO services India and other countries, cost-effectively. In case you have accidentally installed a malware, there are many good anti-malware programs to help you get rid of spam ads.

New Techniques emerged in website development or website development trends in 2015

With mobile media usage recording steep growth over desktop or other media, web designers and developers perceive 2015 as the year of increased workflow. Surfing the web through smartphones is much preferred option these days as it nearly similar to using computers! Multitudes of web apps catering to various purposes and social media advantages have fueled the usage. These in turn have increased the need for custom website development services for user-friendliness.

The result is web designers and developers put their heads together to bring out an array of features to change the definitions of web accessibility and web development services. Here are some web design and development trends anticipated in 2015.

Online guidelines to sideline PDFs

When was the last time your company’s web designer shared a website design and development style guide through mail with everyone? Future may see PDFs lose such usages leading to online manuals that are easily accessed and available for bookmarking. Atlassian website features access to rich, comprehensive tutorial and manuals for resolving tasks.

Pictures with great content

As online readers measure website richness within initial seconds, your data packs chances of sharing if it captures the attention instantly. So the websites featuring high quality images and great content can do the trick. Google Now and Pinterest are good examples for this kind.

Video backgrounds to replace static images

Using static image as home page background is getting out of trend with millions of websites following similar format. If you are lucky you may see some browsers with difference, supporting HTML5 and Flash plugins, and featuring video footage. Fleet Feet Sports is a nice example, which uses video clip at the background that connects with the website’s offerings.

Interactive websites to scale themselves

Future may see websites that scale themselves as per the device you are using. When you have limited screen size to showcase your website why limit its span! Snow Bird excellently achieves it with a responsive design that makes use of screen space and presents its offerings with chirpiness.

User experience testing

Analyzing user reviews and feedbacks to eliminate glitches in your site ensures success. So instead of trying your website or app for feedbacks with limited audience, not entrust the task to the users! Use services such as Applause and Crazy Egg to know how to do that.

Fall in the PC market to over 10 million (around 10%) and rise in smartphone and tablet markets increases demand for responsive website development India. Open source CMS platforms such as Drupal, Joomla, PHP, and Word Press are cutting edge tools that help website development companies futuristic websites that really work.


How to write contagious content for a website

Web content writing is a challenge as it involves pulling all strings together to help the reader and the search engine connects with the message. The intention here is to reach millions through digital content marketing of which content is an inseparable element. But achieving that involves taking care of elements that operate content marketing Pandora box.

Here are some discussions that put light on those interesting elements.

So How to write contagious content for a website?

Know the topic before you speak

Before writing a website content be ready to invest time and efforts to understand its purpose. Knowing “why” helps you effectively convey your ideas to the reader; after all writing is about words and what story those words tell! A good story is one which captures every detail of your thoughts in a few meaningful words, and adds quality to your site.

A wordy, jargon, or keyword-stuffed content (content optimization) targeted to achieve search engine traffic but contributes nothing for the users is against content marketing best practices and sure to end up in search engine blackhole. So if you have finished writing the content just ask yourself whether it answers the users’ questions.

Spend time plotting ideas

More time spent for content marketing plan means less time for implementing content marketing strategies. But remember it’s not just the amount of time that counts, but what you achieve in that time. Trying to figure out the purpose during the course of writing or after will give you unintended results. Planning your content in advance will give your ideas a proper direction.

Weave stories to convey message

Everything in a story format conveys the message better. A good story keeps the visitor interested and inquisitive to know more. If the story is not interesting or lacks information searched by the user it cannot hold the user even for a second.

Answer questions

A good write-up mysteriously untangles the answers for its readers. In fact it does more than that, leaving them with surprising questions which push them to explore deeper into the topic and broaden their understanding of the subject.

Every part of story counts

Attention span of an online reader is small; few minutes is all it takes to measure your content effectiveness. A captivating headline, subheadings, initial lines of a paragraph should pack your punches. Unless you are extremely good at telling stories an inverted pyramid should guide you where to concentrate.

Visuals speak better

Which one immediately captures your interest – words or visuals? You may definitely agree that words create worlds only in novels; it is the visual element that immediately sparks interests. So always remember to include images or videos that speak about your content in a more interesting way.

These elements are not comprehensive and may include many other details. If you find conveying ideas is an uphill task professional writing services can help you achieve all these for your website.

How to Develop a Great Social Media Marketing Strategy?

After initial successes working on various ideas and concepts, churning out promotional posts did you ever wonder why social media marketing strategy wanes out after due course?

So How to Develop a Great Social Media Marketing Strategy?

This is not a question bothering only a few marketers, but even top businesses around the world experience the same. But with a difference, top players explore new techniques to generate interests and connect with their target audience, while others wait for solutions.

The reason most social media and marketing strategies flunk is, firms develop strategies, let them run their course and ignore. But they fail to recognize that social media is not a static tool and needs constant up-gradation to suit users’ needs. In fact top businesses understand customer satisfaction and design their processes to improve customer satisfaction.

Learning SMM tricks

Understanding “what is social media marketing” can clear doubts on social media and marketing strategies. Latest trends in social media world is about sharing favorite quotes, products and services, constant profile updates, polls through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram. But be warned, there are many other social media platforms which are even more effective and suitable for a firm if properly used.

Apps to connect with people

There are thousands of apps which can help you reach your target audience more effectively. Take a look at some of these interesting social media apps.
Meerkat – Ever thought of live streaming your training programs, chats, updates, interesting shares? Available for iPhone and Android smartphone users, this app allows you to live stream videos, share them across Twitter and save in library. It also allows you to use hashtags (#) to connect with more people.
Blab – Using this app you can see live blabs, search scheduled ones, reply to chat comments. Some even use it to improve professional contacts and grow their business.
Pinterest – Use quality images to represent the content you share and create huge audience for your business.

Building social community

Depending on glossy websites to develop your social media networks can reduce your chances of future business prospects. Using interesting tools such as YouTube or the ones previously mentioned can help you grow a passionate social community with whom you can share product and services at ease.

Content rules

So you have used all means to connect with your audience, but how’s your content? There’s no substitute for a great content especially in social media marketing. Content optimized for search engines and pleasurable for readers can make them visit again. You can use social media optimization services of experts to power your social media strategies.

Also see  How content marketing builds your business

Where did they land!

Did you planned where your site visitors should land on your site? Create a perfect landing page for the links you have provided with Pinterest or any other social media posts. Remember these steps open doors of communications with your customers and clients.
Remember to explore new and interesting ways to reach your customers even more effectively. Let your innovative ways create effective social media strategies for your business.


2015 World Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing services in India and the world are seeing a dramatic shift. A year is too long for a digital world with lots of hypes and happenings experienced in a short span of time. Businesses use newer techniques to reach the world using different digital media strategies leveraging Google search algorithms.

2015 World Digital Marketing Trends 

Prepare for search engines
If you want customers to know about your business search engine optimization is very important for your website, as search algorithms are changing frequently to fetch genuine results. Don’t be surprised to know that results on Google SERP are the outcome of nearly 500-600 time search algorithm updates! No doubt there are other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo to bring your businesses in search, but they have own search algorithms to get the results right.

Smartphones for social media

Another surprising finding as per comScore report reveals that percentage of social media users on smartphone grew to 90% in a span of 2013-15. This highlights that more social media users are using smartphone to surf the net instead of computer.

Digital media not without problems
Digital media interactive marketing comprises of digital marketing solutions such as social media, PPC campaign management services,E-mailers, etc. But the rise in smartphone users does not mean smartphone solves everything for digital marketers, as revealed by Jumio and Harris Interactive findings. The study found that around 56% of smartphone users stopped mobile transactions due to hassles best known to online retailers.

Businesses need to work on many pain points starting from content optimization, website performance, online transaction security, and trust worthiness to finally reach their customers. Those who can score on all these elements can reap greener pastures in the virtual world.

 Stop depending on Google.

Don’t misinterpret this point. I’m not pretending that Google is not on its way out. After more than a decade of domination, however, it may be on the decline. Up-and-comers like Duck Duck Go aren’t anywhere near dethroning Google GOOGL +0.75%. What their rise indicates is that consumers want alternatives — a choice not to depend on Google if they don’t have to.

Marketers should take heed. Google is one basket, but it doesn’t deserve all your marketing eggs. Search engine optimization is important, but a searcher can accomplish her goal through more means than just Google.

I advise digital marketers to rely less on Google, and engage more direct forms of interacting with their target market.

 Mobile. Just mobile.

I wanted to say that “mobile dominates,” but that line is so utterly cliche, that I had to state it differently.

The importance of mobile search, mobile optimization, mobile conversions, and mobile ubiquity cannot be overstated. Mobile devices and our collective addiction to them are fixtures of the modern marketing era.